"Ulrike has done the best for me in every way possible and I can imagine any other way, her professionalism and principal supported me every step of the way forward. I will rate this experience 10/10 as this has developed my thinking and behaviour socially, mentally and physically."

Rishal Premjith

“Ulrike creates a calm and open atmosphere that lends itself to exploring one’s creativity and self. As a coach she is patient and effectively guides you to discovering your own potential and then translating that to paper. I would recommend Ulrike to anyone that would like to gain a deeper understanding of self or that would like to write an A-class CV”.

Lemay Rogers

"Dear Ulrike. It is my pleasure to endorse you as a highly competent and professional business person in your field of personnel development and human resource placement. Your commitment to wanting to make a difference through the NPO employment facilitation environment is exemplary. Having known and worked with you on this project for over 2 years now I know that you have the skill and passion to make a huge success of it. Your patience and persistence in bringing this project into the eventual light will be well rewarded.”

Ronald Bownes

"Ulrike has offered coaching to me, as a business coach I found her be able to treasure the hidden secrets in me. I have found my inner strength, knowledge, attributes. Today I run an effective organization in which she helped me to find the hidden treasure in my personal and business life. I thank you, Ulrike.

Neftaly Malatjie