We are offering a variety of workshops and training for your Organization and Business:

Team Development Workshops

Every organization and business needs engaged and talented employees to think creatively in their workplace and being responsible about their duties.

Homer Simpson once said: “If you don’t like your job… you just go in every day and do it really half-assed.”

So true! What’s the effect?

Disengagement is contagious. When colleagues tune out, more and more people do ‘half-assed’ jobs. As a consequence productivity and service are affected, directly impacting results across the organization.

So it’s vital to have a clear and compelling understanding of the organization’s purpose.

Too often the organization’s purpose, expressed through its vision, mission and values statements, become just words, with glossy pictures that are pinned to walls.

You want employees to be committed. What are you asking them to commit to? And are you committed to them, in turn?

That’s why we have to ask: why do we do it what we are doing?

We need to create conditions for performance.

Other Workshops Available:

Job-application workshops

  • Want to land your dream job?
  • Looking for a career change and don't know where to start?
  • Entering the job market for the first time?
  • Re-entering the job market and feeling overwhelmed?
  • Feeling apprehensive about the interview process?

Stand out from others when applying for a job.

Effectively market your unique skill and talents.