Hints & Tips


Be the best you can be at that interview

Becoming employed is a business on its own. Job-seeking is not an easy task and not always a successful one. Looking for a job or a career opportunity is a full-time job. And once you have found a potential opportunity, it also takes some knowledge and skills to process your job application expertly.

You need to empower yourself; to create in yourself a feeling that you are the suitable candidate for the only vacancy which is important to you.

It all starts of course with finding the correct job that is tailored for you. If you are looking for your dream job or an occupation which you really love to do, you probably won't find it difficult to successfully market yourself for the required position.

So it's essential to find out what your passion is, what do you love doing most, what daydreams about success in your career are coming up over and over again? It also helps to ask yourself: "If the pay for all the jobs in the world is the same, which job would I choose"?

There are many detailed tests available to find out more about your skills, your dreams, career objectives, etc. They can help you to discover exactly where you are and where you want to be.

Once you are clued up on your likes and dislikes, and your strengths and weaknesses, you are more prepared for the job hunt.

You know what to look for, but are you ready for the task that lies ahead?

It of course starts with a document called your curriculum vitae (CV). You need a CV (or resumé) which is professional and stands out from the other 1 000 applications for the same job if what you want to get noticed.

It is important to remember that a CV represents you during your absence. It's the first impression the recruiter will get of you, and it normally takes only a minute or two to either invite you for an interview or to discard your application.

Create your CV according to the requirements of the job you are applying for. Research the company: being well informed about a company's history, culture and activities when you walk in for the interview immediately puts you ahead of the pack.

Many interviewers look for reasons why they should not employ you, rather than for reasons why they should.

It is essential once you are invited for an interview to be prepared. The interviewer wants to find out as much as possible about your skills, experience, achievements and personality.

You will be assessed in detail: How well do you communicate? Do you speak slowly and clearly, organising your thoughts and expressing them eloquently? Are you a good listener? These are all important skills which you need to make the first step towards your goal.

There are some basic interview questions which you should be prepared for:

  • The "mother" question of all questions is: "Tell me about yourself." It's the time to introduce yourself, but your reply must be mostly career driven.
  • The following aspects should be included in your answer: Some main qualities that best describe you as an employee, your key accomplishments in your life, and how you will contribute to this company.
  • The trick is to come across neither too confident nor insecure. To be absolutely prepared, you need to identify and improve on your weak areas and consolidate your talents and strengths.
  • It is also an advantage to prepare a list with possible questions you would like to ask during the interview. You must show that you have a keen interest in the job offered.
  • Speak from the heart and never lie. Sooner or later the company will find out anyway, and you won't be in a good position if already employed by them.
  • Finally, it is all about moving forward in your career and being more happy and successful.

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