Important tips for your Cover Letter

Important tips for your Cover Letter

Cover letters are generally single page documents. The cover letter is basically a business letter sent to a prospective employer highlighting your interest in employment within their organization.

Typically, a cover letter would accompany your Curriculum Vitae, with the aim of introducing it. Given that CVs not accompanied by a cover letter are rarely read, you should imagine the CV and the cover letter as a team.

Here are the top ideas to keep in mind when composing your cover letter.

  1. Keep it short and stay on topic.
  • Emphasize all your strengths.
  • State your specific skills and degree upfront.
  • Personalize it to a particular person if possible.
  • Clearly indicate how your skills match up with the job requirements – do not make   them search for relevant skills. Tailor it to fit the position you are applying for.
  • Make it clear that you are available for an interview.
  • Mention exactly why you are interested in being employed by them.
  • Include accurate contact information, phone or email and the time you can be available for an interview.
  • Remember to thank them for their time and express confidence in your opportunity for an interview.

Keeping these top cover letter ideas in mind when presenting your CV will typically improve your chances of being given an interview.