How to set goals for high performance

How to set goals for high performance

How do you set goals for yourself? Do you play it safe, by making sure the goals are easily achieved? Or do you set ambitious and very challenging goals that you will have to really make sacrifices for to achieve? Setting realistic goals is an artform that requires some skill, especially if you want to achieve more than just the norm. So how do you balance such goals, so that they are challenging, yet realistic?

Clear and written goals contain the power to motivate and energise us into action. Very often we start out with no real concept of our goals, and most importantly, we don’t know WHY we want to reach that specific goal. You need to ask yourself some of the following questions to find out, if your goals are challenging enough to move you out of your comfort zone:

•             Why do I want to achieve this goal? How will I benefit?
•             What good will it bring in the long run?
•             Do I have the abilities to achieve this goal?
•             Does my goal excite me when I think about it?
•             Do I dream or visualize about it every day?
•             Are my inward thoughts and focus set on my goals?

When answering the above questions, you need to be brutally honest with yourself.  Knowing the answers will help you to set meaningful and challenging goals. Goals which will contribute to your success, happiness and freedom

What experience did you have with setting goals? Would you like to set some and haven’t tried?

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