Never Give Up

Never Give Up

Never Give Up- Heard so many times, but how do we do it?

Never give up

I think that we have been told a thousand times that we shouldn’t give up. We know this. The theory is sound. Yet how often do we find ourselves in a situation that brings us to our knees? Moments where we can’t take the strain, pain or emotional torment and we just want to throw in the towel? Maybe you can even think back to moments like these where you actually did give up. Where would you be today had you carried on? Had you put one aching foot in front of another and pulled through?

So it’s all easy to say, but how do you actually put this into practice? Let’s break it all down into 3 steps. 3 states of mind that you need to get into to climb out of the dark pit that you find yourself in.

1. Remember the bigger picture

Try and compartmentalise the emotions you are feeling right now. Take all the negative feelings and put them in a box. Now look ahead. What is your dream? What is it that you are aiming for? Remember that without your self-doubt and fear, you are invincible. These harrowing emotions are temporary. Your goal, your success, is here to stay. If you do this, you might even find that already tomorrow, everything will look a whole lot better.

2. Look for support

One thing is for sure: You are not the only one going through this. Find like-minded people to talk to and share your struggles with. These might be your friends, your colleagues or even a support group. You may find a Facebook group online that shares tips and coping mechanisms.

3. Head down, grind on

There is no nice way to say this: Pull yourself towards yourself and push forward. Take baby steps. Write a to-do list. Achieve one of those items today. One tomorrow. One the next day. Be easy on yourself. You are making progress, even if it doesn’t seem like that right now. Look back at where you were a year ago. How much have you grown? How much stronger are you now? Now imagine how much stronger you will be a year from now if you just don’t give up.

I think it’s just very important to remember how strong you really are. Don’t let your self-made fears tell you who you are. The anxiety you feel is fleeting. You may be really tired right now, but that won’t last. Everything is temporary. You just got to keep on keeping on.

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