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I am Ulrike Schöttler, welcome to my Career & Leadership Development website!

Coaching is about people – being more, achieving more and, above all, contributing more. In our constant quest for success, happiness and fulfillment, coaching provides a way to achieve your goals, to discover your life’s purpose and liberating your potential.

Coaching encourages you to think for yourself!

coaching sessions available online or offline

Making those life changing decisions can be extremely difficult. This is where a professional career coach can assist & guide you. You can choose to navigate the minefields of dead ends & unfulfillment… or, you can let me help you!

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“Very little is needed to make a happy life, it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”

Marcus Aurelis
Roman Emperor

Especially during these times of change and challenge, it is vital to keep your mental, psychological and physical health in shape.

It’s time to open up to new ideas and overcome blockages, frustrations etc. Let’s kick-start your thinking process with online coaching sessions. Only one session might be enough to enlighten you, get you back on track, or find YOUR perfect solution.

I am offering on-line coaching for all my valued clients via Zoom or Skype.

My special offer is a FREE discovery session to brainstorm your wanted outcomes and objectives with no obligation.

As a career and leadership development coach, it is my passion to help people find clarity, purpose and confidence to create the life they dream about. You are most welcome to give me a call if you need a bit of guidance in this regard.