We are offering Creative CV- & Career Coaching programs

Did you know that you can discover your talents, abilities, joy and happiness and success through your CV?

Everything you did and are still doing in the work environment gives you clues and ideas as to who you are as a person and what drives you to live the life you always wanted. How?

By using our introspective strategy we support you finding your ideal career and passion.

We all deserve to be successful and happy. Do you allow yourself to be any of these things? Allow yourself to discover your hidden talents and abilities. What you are good at and what you enjoy doing. Allow yourself to reflect and discover a new life-path with our creative CV-and Career Coaching program.

Discover your full potential.

What is holding you back?


Career Coaching

A professional career coach can help you assess your capabilities, explore options, establish goals, create an action plan, and execute each step of the plan till you reach your goal. A coach is also an "accountability partner," someone who will hold your feet to the fire and make you do the tough stuff needed to move forward.

Lots of people use coaches on an ongoing basis throughout their career most intensively during a job search or career crisis, of course, but also for continuous help with direction, development, and effectiveness.

However, if at any time you are truly "stuck" you've tried everything and nothing has worked, you can't get an interview or find a job, you don't know where to go next in your career, you're seriously unhappy in your job but don't see a way out this is when a coach can be a lifesaver.

Me, your personal professional Career Coach, I am right on your doorstep to support you on your journey.

Be more successful and happier – you deserve it!

We are spending the best years of our life doing a job that we hate so we can buy stuff we don’t need to support a lifestyle we don’t enjoy. Sounds crazy to me!

Every person's needs are different and I therefore offer a free discovery session without any obligations. This Discovery Session will not only help identify your personal obstacles, challenges and opportunities, but will identify your unique life path and the steps you need to take to get on that path. I urge you to contact me to book your session without delay!

What is Coaching?

“Coaching is a form of learning where a person (the coach) supports someone else (a coachee) to create learning and self-development in a way that benefits them. It is an inspirational communication journey between the coach and the coachee (client) to create the space to think for yourself in order to maximize your own performance. You will experience someone who totally supports and listens to you and doesn't judge you. One person supports the success of another.

The word coaching originates from" Bus-Coach" and "Rail-Coach". It " literally means to transport someone from one place to another and helping them to move forward or create positive change in their lives.”

All About Coaching

Coaching is about people - being more, achieving more and, above all, contributing more. In our constant quest for success, happiness and fulfilment coaching provides a way to achieve your goals, to discover your live purpose and liberating your potential.

Coaching encourages you to think for yourself.

It's showing a hungry man how to fish - rather than simply giving him a fish!!

A coach provides support, challenge, feedback and guidance - but rarely answers.

Role of The Coach

  • To lead the coachee to answers, new possibilities, insights, resolutions and decisions.
  • To provide an objective assessment to help the coachees self-awareness and awareness of others.
  • To challenge blind spots in order to illuminate new possibilities.
  • Keeping professional boundaries in the coaching relationship, including confidentiality and adhering to the coaching professions code of ethics.

Would it benefit you to discover a way to change, where the change is positive and lasting?

Coaching is for people who are ready to invest in themselves and their career, identifying their ideal career and life path and make it happen.